Gross hematuria

Gross Hematuria Prostate Symptoms

Gross Hematuria Prostate SymptomsGross hematuria as a prostate symptom occurs in older men, usually after age 50. It can develop from several prostate conditions including an enlarged prostate. The prostate is a gland that surrounds the urethra (the pathway through which urine flows out of the body). Its purpose is to produce substances in semen. As men get older, the prostate can become enlarged and constrict the urethra. This can cause urinary problems, such as over flow incontinence (the sudden loss of urine), retention (the inability to urinate), and urinary tract infections. The irritation caused by the enlarged prostate can cause bloody urine to appear.

Gross hematuria is a prostate symptom that can be accompanied by other urinary symptoms. In men, frequent urination and painful urination are some common symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Blood from the prostate can form from bacteria that cause prostate infections. Chronic prostate infections can lead to prostatitis and blood appearing more regularly in your urine. Prostate cancer is another one of the blood in urine causes. If you are urinating blood clots this could be a sign of a bleeding prostate or problem with the bladder or kidney that require immediate medical attention.

Blood in urine for men can also mean there is an underlying problem with the penis upon ejaculation; men might notice a mixture of semen and blood. The causes of the blood in urine could be from a sexually transmitted disease or an infection in the urethra. It could also mean the presence of genital or penis cancer.

Besides conducting a physical examination and learning about your medical history, our doctors can perform a cystoscopy to examine the prostatic urethra and bladder while also looking at the prostate for any cysts, tumors, or other abnormalities than may be reason for the urinary blood. They can perform a prostate biopsy to check for cancerous cells. They may also flush out your bladder and urethra to remove the blood clots in the urine to avoid any obstruction for the urine to flow.

Gross hematuria is a prostate symptom that can be quite alarming and concerning. If other symptoms with blood in urine arise, don’t wait to be seen. Whether you are experiencing prostate cancer blood in urine or an enlarged prostate blood in urine, the Urology Specialists Miami center is here to help diagnose your condition and offer the best treatment possible. 


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Gross hematuria
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